At Imagination Athletics, we believe in creating amazing designs that represent your business, restaurant, youth group, reunion or whatever needs a bit of creativity. We believe that when you design and wear your very own idea or concept, it is a badge of honor and it reflects your passion for the business or organization you represent. It is sometimes the first thing people see and the first impression they receive as customers. I cannot stress the importance of your brand’s first impression, especially with how competitive every business market seems to be. It’s not like the old days where you would be the only carpet dealer, stone mason or painter in town. How you represent yourself determines whether or not you will be considered for future business. That is where we come in!!

We have over 20 years in the screen printing industry and understand apparel needs when branding a business. Whether you’re a band, restaurant, church group or whatever your need may be… we can design and choose apparel that compliments your business or organization.

Our background consists of owning a really cool retail store, hosting major sporting events, creating apparel lines and working with some of the industries best, such as J. America. We are so confident in our artists, we will put our graphic design department up against the best in the industry. Sometimes it’s not a matter of being better than anyone else… it’s a matter of caring more about the relationship you build with your customers and walking together toward future success.

We are excited to offer extremely fair and reasonable CUSTOM DESIGN pricing. We also offer an ONLINE DESIGN STUDIO for use at no charge. We will find a logo that best represents your vision. Not only will we create an awesome logo or design that symbolizes your business, we will provide you with the artwork for your personal use. This allows you to add it to Facebook, Twitter, team websites, etc.

Imagination Athletics Screen Printing offers super competitive pricing to compliment our uniquely awesome designs.