Branding & Design

At ImagiNATION Athletics, we believe in creating amazing designs that represent your business, restaurant, church group, team or anything that needs creativity. We believe that when you design and wear your very own idea or concept, it is a badge of honor and it reflects your passion for what you represent. Strong brand recognition is one of the keys to success for any business and that is where we come in.

We are so confident in our artists, we will put our graphic design department up against the best in the industry. We offer fresh designs with a unique spin to the standard logo and we stay current with today’s trends. We want to provide you with a timeless look and one that best represents your business or organization.

We are excited to offer extremely fair and reasonable custom design pricing. At $25 per hour, we will work with you to develop the design you want. We will find a logo that best represents your vision. Not only will we create an awesome logo or design that symbolizes your business, we will provide you with the artwork for your personal use. This allows you to add it to Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.

To be honest, we are pretty pumped to help rid the world of super pixilated images represented on websites, social media and even some t-shirts.

ImagiNATION Branding & Design offers full design capabilities from custom “from scratch” conceptuals to simple logo design. ¬†We’re proud of our talent and excited to work with your ImagiNATION and ideas.