Promotional Products

ImagiNATION Promotions will give you the most competitive pricing available for promotional products such as; stickers, business cards, water bottles, decals, etc. These products are just another great way to brand your business at a reasonable cost.

Let’s be honest… people love free stuff and promotional products are a way to keep your name or business in front of customers. I’ve told customers for years that the difference between a t-shirt, key chain or pen versus a print ad or radio spot is that it’s a tangible, in your hand item. You control who receives it. Whether you give it away at an event, in passing or on the counter of a deli… you somewhat dictate your customer base or target market. The promo product or t-shirt also has longevity, especially if it’s good.

I’m not downing other forms of advertising, but I can personally say that I use other peoples promo items daily. I have multiple writing pens that I consider “favorites”. I have other company’s business t-shirts that I wear often and I drink from a promo water bottle every day that I go to the gym. If I place an ad in the local newspaper or on the radio… I have no idea who sees or hears it… what return I get from the ad… and most importantly, there is no face to face interaction. Also, it’s expensive. You can get a lot of pens for $800. :)