About Us

Hi from ImagiNATION Athletics…

We first want to thank you for visiting our site and wanting to learn more about ImagiNATION Athletics.

Screen printing consumes the majority of our background – and  has for over ten years! We recently developed a new company to create brands, design logos, and to help promote organizations with customized products, apparel and even web design. We are pleased to introduce ImagiNATION Athletics!

Lets get down to it, we are screen printers at heart. We are screen printers who really, really love t-shirts. We wanted to up the ante in design and branding while providing a plethora of options to promote your business or organization. Most importantly, we wanted to make that process easier on you and your wallet. And yes, it is that simple!

So you know we love t-shirts and by now you can safely assume that we love sports…but we want to make some things clear. Just because we are sports fanatics doesn’t mean you have to be. We’re not biased when it comes to tees. We treat all apparel equally. We create, brand, and design for all types of organizations including church groups, restaurants, marathons and other events, festivals, schools, family reunions, and the days when you just want to wear your own shirt. That’s right – we will help you start your own line of clothing. Why not?  We believe in you!

We are based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and chances are, if you’re wearing a cool, local t-shirt – you’re probably wearing something we created at one time or another. If you ordered that one of a kind tee in South Carolina, you probably ordered from Richard.  If you liked working with us then, you’ll love working with us now!